Application for Summer Camp Scholarship 2021

Applications Due May 15, 2021

  • Due Date is May 15, 2021 -- this is our priority deadline. If donations come in after that we will consider late applications.
  • The Board of Directors voted to expend $5,000 from our principal, so we could help send some kids to summer camp.  This likely means that we will not be able to help everyone who applies this year.  That means you will be competing with other applicants, so you should do your best to fill out this application and write the essay response.  
  • Please verify that the summer camp you are applying to will be available this summer.

In Memory of

Sgt. Joel A. House


These pages are dedicated to the memory of our hero, Sgt. Joel A. House, who was killed in 2007 while serving in the U.S. Army by a roadside bomb in Taji, Iraq.  Joel was known for his guitar playing, his understated sense of humor, and his fierce commitment to his family and friends.  We--his family and friends--miss him so much, but we are so proud of him.  This scholarship program is our way of honoring Joel's life and his ultimate sacrifice.  Learn More

Helping Maine Kids Reach for Their Dreams:

The scholarship encourages children to dream about what they love doing and gives them a opportunity to attend one week of an academic, sports, visual/performing arts, conservation, or Bible camp of their choice. No matter where each child is along his or her pathway, from “dabbling for fun” or “pressing towards excellence”, summer camps provide an excellent opportunity to learn in a caring, hands-on environment.

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