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Scholarship Fund
The Sgt. Joel A. House Summer Camp Fund serves Maine children in grades K-12 who want to attend an overnight or day camp. In order to divide the available scholarship money fairly each summer, we ask each child to submit an application that has 3 required parts and 2 optional parts: 
1). Applicant’s information;
2.) summer camp information; and
3.) a written reflection “Freedom Isn’t Free”. 
4.) Applicants may also explain their financial need and/or tell us about their goals for the future. 
The Board of Directors and Joel's family members then read and rate each application from 1  to 5 based on the completeness and accuracy of parts 1 and 2, and the thoughtfulness of the essay response.  The higher scores receive more money towards their tuition. 
Typically, there is still a balance due after the award. This allows the family to share the expenses of their child's summer camp tuition.
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